Welcome to our club.

The Musquodoboit Valley Rifle and Revolver Club (MVRRC) is located in the middle of mainland Nova Scotia, approximately 1 hour northeast of the Halifax-Dartmouth area and approximately 40 minutes from Truro. Our facilities and ranges are located in a rural area and are suited to many disciplines of recreational and competitive shooting sports. Currently we have 13 different ranges for handgun, shotgun, rifle and archery. We have 19 firing lines on these ranges for our members to enjoy.


We are an outdoor range, with indoor and sheltered firing positions for several of our handgun and rifle ranges. Currently, we have 50, 100, 200, 300 and 400 yard rifle ranges, with 15, 20 and 25 yard handgun ranges. We also have an archery range and a sporting clays shotgun range.

Our club is a private non-profit club with individual, youth, student, senior, family, specialized and lifetime memberships. We rely on member participation in order to provide the best environment for safe and fun shooting at a reasonable cost.

For the history buffs, we started back in 1989, leasing 5 acres at our current location, Initially, we had one 25 yard range and later a 100 yard range. Word spread fast of our relaxed shooting atmosphere and we had enough members in 2006 to buy our current property of 40 acres. We incorporated that year, with less than 100 members. From there our club kept growing, to where it is today. From the start, our club executive has been made up of volunteer members who want to see our club continue as a place for shooting enthusiasts.


Training is available for all disciplines of shooting by way of our memberships’ extensive and varied experience. Certification courses for licensing are available through the club and instruction is provided by our national and government approved instructors at a reasonable cost.

We currently employ experienced Club Range Officers to monitor the club and provide assistance to new and inexperienced members. Just ask them, they will be happy to provide assistance. They often report their best days at our club are the days a new member or an inexperienced shooter asks for assistance!

Canada’s National Firearms Association provides $5,000,000 liability insurance coverage for our Club and our members. For further details please visit the NFA website – www.nfa.ca