Member’s Personal Firearm Liability Insurance Ending May 1, 2024

This is notice to our members we will no longer be providing member’s personal firearm liability insurance, starting May 1, 2024. The MVRRC is joining several other clubs in Canada, by not providing members with individual insurance.

Starting May 1, 2024, if you are a member of the MVRRC and want personal firearm liability insurance, please join a national firearm organization, which provides this insurance as part of their membership.

Here is a list of several national organizations who provide $5,000,000 personal firearm liability insurance with their membership (the following is not intended to be an exhaustive list). Please visit their sites, select an organization and join:
CSSA (Canadian Shooting Sport Association):
CCFR (Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights):
NFA Canada (National Firearms Association of Canada):
SFC (Shooting Federation of Canada):
DCRA (Dominion of Canada Rifle Association):